Mirror Bingo: £10 No Deposit Needed Free Bingo Money Ends Tomorrow
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Mirror Bingo
Mirror Bingo

Foxy Bingo's cousin, Mirror Bingo, fires the first shot in 2010 online bingo wars with a special £10 free bingo no deposit needed offer for new bingo players.  It looked as though things were going to be quiet after Christmas in world of online bingo, but Mirror bingo have charged into the new year with a special free bingo sign up offer for new players.  This is the first new no deposit required offer since Foxy Bingo pulled their very successful £20 free offer in November 2009.  Mirror bingo, which is operated by the same people who run Foxy bingo, is expected to advertise their latest £10 free bingo no deposit required offer on the front page of the newspaper of the same name tomorrow. 

However, unlike the Foxy bingo offer which ran for 8 weeks the Mirror Bingo offer is set to run for only 48 hours.  Therefore bingo players who want to take advantage of the special will need to move quickly; otherwise they might find themselves disappointed.  There is now an increasing trend amongst online bingo operators to implement special 1 or 2 day  sign up offer to generate as much interest amongst players possible.  But this is good news as bingo players are the ones who benefit from the competition amongst sites. 

To take advantage of the £10 free bingo no deposit required offer, players need to visit Mirror Bingo and sign up for a new bingo account. Although no spending or deposit is required to take advantage of the offer there is a requirement that all new players register a bank card or payment method. However, no money will be taken and the card is needed as a security measure by site, if you choose not to register a card then you will not be eligible for the free bingo no deposit special offer.    

Click Here to get ~£10 free at mirror bingo

Click Here to Claim £10 of No Deposit Free Bingo Money at Mirror Bingo 


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