Mecca Bingo Petitions to Make Bingo an Olympic Sport

The folks over at Mecca Bingo have started a petition to turn bingo into an Olympic sport by sending letters to the committee. They’re arguing that bingo constitutes a sport and that champion players of the games should be recognised as such.

They’re hoping to have bingo on the roster for the 2020 Olympic Games, which will be taking place in Tokyo. They’ve begun the application to have the hobby accredited as a sport first, which will then lead on to their application to be at the Olympics.

Mecca Bingo say that bingo players should be recognised as champs, as the game takes skill like any other. They say that the awareness and speed of players, as they mark off the cards and shout bingo, is an achievement.

While some are citing this move by the bingo brand as no more than a publicity stunt, they could make serious changes to bingo. They want their players’ support to take the game to the main stage and fight for their right to compete.

A spokeswoman for the brand stated that the game requires dexterity, concentration and more than a few mental Olympics. These are staples in many of the sports on the stage at the games, so they’re arguing that bingo is just as valid.

If they manage to get bingo to the Olympics then there could be lucrative sponsorship deals abound. They could have their star players making it to the games, complete with Mecca Bingo branded dabbers and outfits.

To go along with the campaign they’ve produced a video to show just what a bingo player needs to get to the top of their game. We know more than a few of our readers would be perfectly suited to