Slingo Boom is here

Normally we like to the first to break the news but it appears at least one bingo site got there before us, and possible this casino site too, but has anyone else spotted the rather exciting goings-on at

Stop what you’re doing if not – SLINGO BOOM is a thing!

If you’re a fan of bingo, there’s absolutely no doubt that you’re going to love the latest online slingo offering, made by the team at Gaming Realms and coming very soon to, because they’ve mixed super-fun slingo with a classic bingo-style layout and turned it into a multiplayer game. So, instead of marking off numbers to up your slingo prize, you’ll be marking off numbers to try and beat other players and walk away with a slice of each game’s individual jackpot.

How does it work? Just like bingo! The only difference being that instead of a bingo ticket, you get a 5×5 slingo grid, and instead of 1 number being called at a time, you get 5 numbers at a time appearing on 1 communal reel. This makes for much quicker gameplay than in a traditional bingo game – and, of course, means it’s even more exciting. The aim of the game in Slingo Boom is just like bingo, though: match numbers on the reel to numbers on your grid to create as many slingos as you can (that’s 5 numbers marked off in a row) or to mark off a pre-set pattern, and the first players to get 1 Line/2 Line/Full House or to match the pattern will walk away with a prize.

Slingo Boom Gameplay

Got it? Then make sure you’re ready to check it out when it goes live at You’ll even be able to find out how it all works by starting off in the free room! Just don’t forget to say hello to the chat hosts and your fellow roomies in the cosy chat rooms…